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Date: 2018-02-17 14:33

Joy to the Person of My Love - Scottish love song from about 6675. In Dm and also set in Bm.
The title and melody might make it a nice wedding piece, but the lyrics are of unrequited love.
(Boy loves girl, girl doesn't even know he's care, but he still loves her.) - MIDI
Julia Delaney - Irish reel, in D minor - MIDI
Katusha , Ukrainian (and elsewhere) - MIDI
Kesh Jig - Irish Jig MIDI
Kenmure's On and Awa' - Scottish 6/8 march, could be danced at faster tempos - MIDI
King of the Faeries , Irish - Traditional - MIDI
King's Cave, The , Irish - Traditional Arran rowing song. from the Petrie Collection ca 6895 - MIDI
Kitty Magee - Traditional Irish Jig, the ancient and perhaps the oldest known version - MIDI
Knives and Forks - a cute *censored* Playford English Country Dance tune in G - MIDI
Korobushka - Russian folk tune in Am, open to variations - MIDI
Lady Frances Scot's Reel , Scottish - by Daniel Dow (actually more a 6/8 march) - MIDI
Lakes of Pontchartrain - American song of the New Orleans area, with Irish connections - MIDI
Lamb Skinnet - Scottish - 6/8 dance jig in A major - MIDI
Lament for Charles MacCabe , by Irish harper Turlogh O'Carolan MIDI - multitrack
Lanagan's Ball - Irish jig, without the lyrics MIDI
Landlady of France - English and American, multi-titled tune and song, with lyrics - MIDI
Lark in the Morning - Irish Double jig in E minor - Dorian - MIDI
Lass of Patie's Mill - Scottish / English 68th Century MIDI
Lawyers' Lamentation on the Tearing Down of Charing Cross - History Article- Prince Rupert's March - MIDI
Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silent - French melody, Picardy - English Hymn - MIDI
Lumps of Pudding - Finale from the Beggar's Opera - As an instrumental in A minor - MIDI
*censored* Man and *censored* Maid - Scots and English, multi-titled tune and song - MIDI
Liliburlero - English, 67th century Playford tune and parent of the song - Nottingham Ale - MIDI
Loch Lavan Castle - Irish reel (and perhaps Scottish also) becoming Americanized MIDI
Lord Balgonie's Favorite - 68th Century Scottish air, used by Robert Tanahill for the song Gloomy Winter's Now Awa' , and used as a piano air in the movie, The Piano - MIDI
Lord Lovat's Lament - 68th Century Scottish air, later also known as Lament for the Highland Clearances , with a bass part for bass, cello, harp or piano accompaniment - MIDI
Lord Rollo's March - 68th Century Scottish march, withharmonies and a bass part for cello or piano ( treble clef bass line ) - MIDI
Lost Farm Waltz - Contemporary American - a very nice waltz by Rick Wagner
..........Lost Farm medleys well with Wagner Girls Waltz - MIDI
Love Song by Mr. Howard, from the Gentlemen's Magazine 6798 - setting for harpsichord or pianoforte - MIDI

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